Students from the Mild Intellectual Disability programme will be placed in the Vocational Education Programme at age 13 till they graduate at either 16, 17 or 18 years old.

The Vocational Education Programme comprises the following:


Vocational Assessment Vocational Guidance Work Exposure & Work Experience Basic Vocational Training Soft Skill Training
Vocational Assessment
  • Ongoing process
  • Gather information about students’ Skills, Knowledge, Interest & Preferences (SKIP) to determine Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and decide on Vocational Pathways
  • Involves both formal (e.g. OT assessments, Aptitude tests) and informal methods of assessment (e.g. interviews with parents and students, work samples, curriculum-based assessments, observations)
Vocational Guidance
  • Learn about the world of work – curriculum-based weekly lesson and activities
  • Students will be guided to discover their own interests, preferences and strengths to make decisions on vocational pathways
  • Students reflect and discuss learning points at briefing/consultation sessions, either in groups or one-to-one basis, before, during and after work experience/site visits
Work Exposure & Work Experience

The Work Experience programme is a formal, structured programme whereby the school makes plans for students to experience a job or part of a job in an authentic work setting.

Students placed on the Work Experience programme will be assigned a Job Coach each, who will provide them support and guidance on the job.

 Basic Vocational Skills Training

Students are offered basic vocational skills training as follows:

Format Age Year Training Programmes
Specialization 18 6 (Specialisation in ONE of the following tracks) Food & Beverage (Food Prep &/ Baking) Housekeeping (Environmental &/ Guestroom)
17 5
16 4
Rotation 15 3 Housekeeping, Retail, Vocational Guidance