Partnership Opportunities

Corporate, Community and School Volunteers

We need organisations who can volunteer on an event/project basis for community engagement:

  • Bringing students for learning journey and sports activities
  • Plan and organise major events for students in school
  • Resource preparation and curriculum related projects

If you are keen to explore possibilities of partnership, please download the Collaboration Form and email the completed form to Community Partnership at

Which areas can we volunteer in at Grace Orchard School?

There are 3 areas you can be involved in:

  • Professional: You can offer your professional expertise and skills.
  • Class support: Many of our volunteers offer their help in school programs and outdoor activities.
  • Project basis: You can volunteer on a project basis such as school celebrations or special events

I like to work with students with Autism. Can that be arranged?

Grace Orchard School caters to students with Mild Intellectual Disability and Autism. Arrangements can be made subject to requests from teachers and suitability of volunteers.

What qualities are you looking for in a volunteer?

  • Passion – genuine passion to understand and meet the needs of the school (e.g. volunteering in areas that will help enhance our school programmes).
  • Commitment – able to set aside time to work on the agreed upon project and complete the project according to agreed timeline.
  • Integrity – as a volunteer you may have access to our school’s resources, facilities and beneficiaries. Integrity of keeping such information confidential is expected!
  • Reliability – the first rule of volunteering is that if you promise to do something, do it! We appreciate volunteers who turn up on time and give regular updates on progress of project. We need volunteers who can maintain a high level of professionalism in all aspects of their work.
  • Good role model – as our volunteers will be working with beneficiaries aged 7 to 18 years old, we would expect our volunteers to be a good role model for them.

Are we allowed to take photographs of students when volunteering?

Due to media consent requirements, the school will need you to appoint an official photographer from your organization and only that person will do the phototaking. Your organization will have to submit to our school, all the photographs taken, for clearance before these can be used.

Will I be briefed about the school and the students before taking up a project?

Once your organization has agreed to embark on a project, our school staff will brief you before the start of the project. The briefing is aimed at helping you to better understand the needs our students as well as our school’s expectations of you in the project.

Corporate Volunteer Registration form