Parents' Network

Grace Orchard School recognizes that families have a primary influence on their children’s development in their attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviour. Research regarding the effects of family involvement on educational outcomes has shown parent involvement makes a difference in children’s school achievement. As such, we want to promote closer collaboration with parents in order to provide the best possible education for your child.

Schools provide a foundation of learning through formal education. The community provides an authentic experience to build the children‘s sense of identity and responsibility towards the community (MOE, Parents In Education). As such, parents are encouraged to interact regularly with school, child and the community to support your child in gaining educational successes.

 If you want to discuss about Parents’ Education and Network, you may drop us an email at Our school staff, Ms Sharon Su will connect with you soonest. Alternatively, you may email to the Parents’ Network Executive Committee, Ms Adeline Tay (Parent) at