MOE-NCSS Outstanding SPED Teacher Award 2020 & MOE-NCSS Innovation Award 2020

A big round of applause to Ms Tamil Selvi and our Good Game, Grace Orchard (G2GO) team for their wins!
Ms Tamil Selvi, Subject Head (Student Leadership), has been awarded MOE-NCSS Outstanding SPED Teacher Award 2020.

As a teacher, Ms Selvi describes education as a journey where she grows alongside her students. Being the teacher-in-charge of Athletics CCA Programme, Ms Selvi finds opportunities beyond the regular sports competitions and mentors her students in order to grow their skills and confidence and realise their potential. At the sector level, Ms Selvi contributes to the wider Special Needs Community as a co-head coach for the Singapore Special Olympics athletes team in 2019. A strong believer in the role of the family in education, Ms Selvi builds rapport with parents working together to achieve students’ goals and to transform them to be independent individuals.

GOS has received the MOE-NCSS Innovation Award 2020 for using an evidence-based approach in promoting positive behaviours which is known as Good Game, Grace Orchard (G2GO). G2GO is a School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support System (SWPBS). It promotes positive behaviour in a fun way with elements of competition as well as cooperation between staff and students. Students develop and sustain habits of positive words, actions and interactions cheered on by reinforcements that go a long way in building good character values. From tangibles to leadership roles to privileges, attractive rewards in the G2GO Treasury continue to spur the student Heroes in their G2GO Positive Behaviour Quest. The result of this innovation has been encouraging with a great reduction in negative student behaviours. It also promotes a positive school culture that brings about social, emotional, behavioural and academic success in all students.

#YOUthTalk Artworks: Grace Orchard School

Temasek Foundation recently launched a mental health resource website called My Mental Health ( The project is a collaboration with the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), National CARE Hotline, and National CARE Management System (NCMS).

My Mental Health offers many helpful locally-developed resources for youth, parents, working adults, seniors and caregivers. Grace Orchard School honored to be part of the My Mental Health project by contributing artwork done by our students.

Art is an effective and therapeutic medium for children and youth to express themselves – to share their thoughts, emotions and feelings. It is an opportunity for the community to hear the voices of our children and youth with special needs, through their artwork, during this challenging period. Please see the link to view the students’ artworks featured on My Mental Health website:

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