GOS leverages on Information & Communication Technology (ICT) to transforming teaching and learning to achieve quality learning outcomes. 

The four main goals are to: 

1.Create accessible learner-centred environments that enable any-time, any-place, any-where learning

2.Optimize the use of ICT as the enabler for teaching and learning to increase students’ access to the curriculum and generalization of their learning in the real world

3.Educate students on the safe and responsible way of using technologies

4.Provide sustained Professional Development for all staff to build capability in use of ICT in teaching and learning

ICT is integrated with English, Math and Daily Living Skills and students attend ICT lessons from ages 11 to 18 years old to acquire the necessary skills to be digitally ready. 

The ICT syllabus covers the following domains:

  1. Basic Operations
  2. Learning with Searches
  3. Cyberwellness
  4. Learning with Text: Word processing
  5. Learning with Multimedia: Production and manipulation of multimedia content
  6. Learning with Spreadsheet: Data management and process
  7. Learning with Communication Tools: Online Communication

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