Objectives of Programme

 The aims of the Arts curriculum are to enable our students to develop in the areas of communication and socialization.

Through generating (understanding of basic skills), expressing (using of basic skills) and responding (appreciating) in the various arts domains, our students will be able to express their ideas in meaningful ways and develop empathy with multiple viewpoints.

The curriculum also facilitates for socialization through an emphasis on interaction and/or communication with others.

Main Content Area

In our curriculum, the Arts is a learning domain that draws together related but distinctive art forms. While these art forms have commonalities, they are distinctive in their practices and in their approaches.

Our curriculum focuses on these 4 art forms:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
Approaches Used
  • Skills Building

This section focuses primarily on the process in making art rather than on the product itself. All students aged 7-12 will be rotated in each of the 4 art forms.

  • Expression Building

This section focuses primarily on creating a product. Students aged 13-14 will experience 2 different art forms each year, while students aged 15-16 will experience 1 art form each year. Students will be placed in the art form based on ability assessed through the skills building section.

Assessment Mode

Students will be assessed termly on their competency level in each arts domain through classroom observation.