The Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) in Grace Orchard School is anchored on the school values: Love, Integrity, Perseverance, Responsibility and Respect. Grace Orchard School takes a whole school approach towards CCE with “Every teacher is a CCE teacher”. In GOS, our vision for a student is “Anchored in values, Prepared for life” who:

  • demonstrates love when he/she shows care and concern;
  • demonstrates integrity when he/she upholds ethical principles and has the courage to tell the truth always;
  • demonstrates perseverance when he/she shows a “never give up” attitude when facing life’s challenges;
  • demonstrates responsibility when he/she recognizes that he/she has a duty and fulfills his/her responsibilities with love and commitment;
  • demonstrates respect when he/she honours God and others above self; In the five domains of life: self, family, friends, school/community and the nation.